If your hands are itching to plunge into a fight and you want to beat somebody up, you came to the right place! Fighting games will allow you to give vent to all of the energy accumulating inside you and take it out on a virtual opponent. They are very useful because they help you release excessive tension, train your agility and focus and divert you from aggression in real life. The fights usually run between two or more players. You can compete against an AI-controlled character or participate in a combat with another person, be it your friend or a random player from the web. Are you ready to begin?

Plenty of action and adrenaline!

The first fighting games appeared over fifty years ago. Everyone probably remembers Mortal Kombat, a project that can rightfully be considered the example of this genre. Since that time, virtual fights have become more and more interesting. The heroes started looking more realistic, with smoother animations. They learned to perform more movements and tricks, and the whole process was growing more exciting by the year. Today there are thousands of fighting games that you can play online and you only have to choose a setting and format to your liking.

Most fighting games have no storyline. Everything is simple and easy to understand – the winner is the one who still stands on one’s feet at the end of the match. The reason why so many people love virtual fights is because of the great amount of adrenaline ejected into your blood when you take part in a combat like that. Unlike real fighting, it can do you no harm, so it’s a good alternative for physical violence. Besides, they develop some important qualities, including determination and persistence, will to victory and competitive spirit.

Are you a ninja or a street bully?

There are plenty of fighting games on our site to choose from. You can enjoy the atmosphere of the Far East and learn the secrets of oriental martial arts playing as noble ninjas and kung-fu masters. Or you can join a street gang and roam a virtual city attacking everyone you see on your way. If you don’t care about the graphics or setting at all, you can always pick one of the numerous arcades with cartoon or stick characters fighting on various arenas and with the use of different weapons. Join the amazing world of fighting games, improve your reaction and move up the leaderboards competing against other players from across the world!

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