Sniper Games

Sniper games will invite you to the world of gripping shootouts, cool weapons and dangerous missions! You’ll have to play the role of a professional sniper who is capable of coping with any number of enemies. Good shooting skills, focus and tactical thinking are a must to win!

Shoot without failure!

Snipers have always been highly valued in all armies. After all, their task is difficult and important – to shoot opponents so that no one can see or hear. First, snipers carefully and painstakingly explore the territory in which they will work, then find convenient and hidden positions for shooting.

They move quickly and silently, they can engage in hand-to-hand combat and emerge victorious, they can capture prisoners, carry serious loads on themselves, but besides this, they shoot excellently and rarely miss.

Now you can be convinced of everything said personally! You just need to choose the most interesting task and the enemy. Anyone can become the enemy: German invaders, aliens, hostile Africans, cunning Chinese and even mindless zombies. You can also count on a vast choice of weapons. Sniper rifles are good and as realistic as possible, so hits will be frequent and accurate. It is best to first go through training in a sniper school, and then take the first task into action. So you will already have experience and you can count on serious assignments.

World War II, Africa or zombies?

The period of time when you will fight you can choose yourself. For example, one of the most interesting options is the times of World War II, namely 1945, only a few weeks are left until the end of the war, but the Nazis are still trying to avoid defeat. You will have to correct the situation. In the role of a sniper, you will find yourself in Berlin, pretend to be a German and infiltrate secret bases. The work of a sniper will also come in handy in other countries where wars are unfolding, for example, in Africa, but this will already be a time close to the present. 

The task of snipers at all times was the same – to destroy the enemy – quickly, clearly and silently. Most missions will be of the same type: lie down in anticipation of the target and attack it without giving it time to recover. But sometimes you’ll also have to be inventive and figure out non-standard ways of dealing with your enemies. And of course your labors will be generously rewarded with money, military awards and shoulder straps.

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