Humans are rational beings, and we aren’t tired of proving this to others and to ourselves. One way to test your intellectual abilities is puzzle games. These are colorful and fascinating riddles from different areas, for the solution of which you need to be not only attentive and logical, but also resourceful. After all, many puzzles are made in such a way that the correct answer isn’t the most obvious. You’ll have to rack your brains thinking how exactly the elements on the screen are connected and what manipulations with them will lead to the desired result. But this is the whole point of puzzles! With each level, the complexity of the gameplay will grow, and it only fuels sporting interest, because you really want to make sure that you can handle any task!

Figure out the logic and solve the riddle!

What puzzle games can you find here? There is a great variety of tasks waiting for you to train different areas of your brain. Some of them improve visual perception, others are aimed at increasing the volume of memory. There are games that activate logical skills, and there are those that teach you to think outside the box. Try geometric puzzles where you need to arrange the elements according to their shape and connect all parts into one whole. Another category offers players to sort objects (beads, hoops or balls) by their colors or pick up pairs of identical items. As a rule, there are some restrictions that complicate the task – for example, you can take only one item from the top of the pile or have a limited amount of time. Can you unravel a thick ball of multi-colored threads? How about drawing a pipeline to make liquids of each color flow into respective glasses without mixing? You won’t find out until you try!

Ingenuity is important too!

But the most interesting are interactive puzzle. Here you need to not just perform some simple actions, but to understand how the whole system works. The elements that you see on the screen can interact with each other. You need to solve the problem so that the characters get into the right location without encountering any obstacles and dangers in their path. The most common scenario is saving people from a fire, helping two lovers meet and other stories of the sort. This is no longer just a puzzle – there is a plot and adventure! Such games can take your attention for a long time. And most importantly – they are not only interesting, but also useful! Play puzzle games online and upgrade your intellectual skills!

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