Gacha Life Games

Like evert fan of Japanese animation, you might be wondering: how does it feel to be a creator, not just a viewer? This interest is easy to explain. You watch amazing cartoons filled with adorable characters and funny situtaions and at some point start thinking: how my own story would look like? What if I tried myself as a character designer, artist, and plot-writer? Then you stop yourself, saying: but I don’t have enough skills and equipment for that! Now this problem is solved easily – Gacha Life is a game that allows you to implement your anime-dreams in life.

Your own amazing story

When you start playing the game, you are encouraged to create a pack of characters. There is a creator app where you can arrange an anime-hero any way you want. Choose his/her appearance – from face traits and hair to body shape and clothes. You are welcome to make any type of a character, be it a cute and innocent angel or a tricky dark demon. Add some accessories that will make your hero look unique and what is more – express his skills and essence to the fullest. What is more, the game allows you to add pets and small creatures that will be your hero’s friends and helpers. The game allows you to make up a couple of characters – two, three, four, and more. This way, you can come up with a story about them.

Share and socialize

At some point, you will reach a certain level of the game when you are ready to share your creations with other members of Gacha server. Show you masterpieces to them and take a look at the stories they produce. Allow your characters meet, talk, and maybe even fight! Or become friends. Who knows!

The game is filled with numerous customization and creation opportunities as well as side-tasks and mini games to try out. The variable gameplay and thousands of entertainments will make your playing and creative experience truly great. We bet that all anime-fans will be delighted by Gacha Life!

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