Fear is one of the most unpleasant, but at the same time incredibly bewitching emotions. What good can it be to get scared half to death? However, a lot of people are consciously looking for intense impressions watching horror films and playing games about zombies and ghosts. The explanation is simple: when we are afraid, a record amount of adrenaline is thrown into our blood. This hormone activates all our resource, makes us think and act faster, and can thoroughly invigorate us even after a very tiring day. In addition, psychologists claim that experiencing frightening sensations in a safe environment (after all, a virtual monster can’t jump off the screen and pounce on you in real life), we learn to better manage our fears. So if you are a fan of horror games, it doesn’t threaten your psyche in any way. On the contrary, it can make you bolder and more stress-resistant. It’s time to test this in practice playing one of them online!

The supernatural is near!

So what dangers and threats can you face in horror games? Here you will find everything you can get scared of – from haunted houses to killer clowns. Are you attracted to mysticism and everything inexplicable? Is there a chill running down your skin from mentioning ghosts and demons? Try to uncover the mystery of an old mansion inhabited by creepy creatures. You need to move around the rooms in search of clues and keys – and, of course, be on your guard, because the otherworldly inhabitants of this place won’t calmly tolerate the presence of a stranger!

Maniacs, zombies and other horrors!

Maybe you are more interested in stories about scary maniacs setting up a real hunt for their victims? You can compete with them trying to slip away from their sharp knives and heavy axes. To do this, you have to show remarkable ingenuity, because the killer will follow you, waiting for the right moment to strike. Try to get ahead of him, and perhaps stop him once and for all!

Here is another realistic scenario: a terrible infection erupted in the world, turning everyone into zombies. You are one of the few survivors that are now forced to run away, defending yourself against the hungry dead by all means. Find a suitable weapon, roam through abandoned warehouses and supermarkets, keep your gun ready! Show excellent reaction, impressive fortitude, puzzle-solving and shooting skills in our incredible horror games fighting the most terrible monsters you’ve ever heard of!

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