Ice Scream Horror Games

Who doesn’t like ice cream, especially on a hot summer day? Who can resist the urge to run towards a friendly white van full of sweet cold treats? It’s no surprise every child in the neighborhood knows the look of this vehicle by heart. And we never expect anything bad from a smiling man in a white cap giving tasty cones out of a broadly open window. But what if he can’t really be trusted? What if his job is just a disguise under which hides a terrible killer? You didn’t believe the rumors until you saw it with your own eyes. Intrigued to learn the continuation of the story? Then start playing our amazing Ice Scream horror games right now!

There is something wrong with the ice cream man!

Your adventures will start on a usual quiet suburb street. It’s sunny and peaceful, everyone has hidden from the heat inside their houses and only the little ones are running out to grab another ice cream when they hear the ringing of the van. You didn’t believe your eyes when you saw the man you thought was the kindest in the world snatch a tiny boy who just wanted to freshen up and pull him inside! Then the transport drove off in an unknown direction and nobody has seen the guy after that. You can’t let that happen to any other child in your town! So you decide to follow the van and find out anything about the victim’s fate. Whether you cope with this task or not depends on how careful and smart you are. You need to move very quietly and stay unnoticed if you want to run your own investigation and find the evidence. The main thing is to get inside the van and look for any signs carefully! You have to follow the trace of clues that will lead you right to the boy who has mysteriously disappeared. Perhaps he is still alive and you can save him! But for that you’ll probably need to go through the ice cream man himself, but that’s the risk you’ll have to take!

Save the kids, kill the maniac!

There are different versions of Ice Scream horror games that tell you the same story from different perspectives. In some of them your goal is simply to find and rescue the boy, in others you can avenge the killer by running him over on his own van, and in some you’ll even have to fight a crowd of ice zombies that will guard the secrets of their master! It seems there is some kind of a supernatural power at play, that’s what keeps the victims alive in the freezer where the antagonist stacks his trophies! But in any case, you’ll be the one opposing this horrible maniac and it’s up to you whether he’ll ever be driving the streets again kidnapping little children!

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