The struggles arranged in the real time must be your favorite type of games! If so, then you must be aware of an extremely popular and nice game Brawl Stars! Here you and your team-mates meet the opposing team and fight for victory. Each team tries to deal with the rivals and complete the challenging task prescribed by the game better and faster. The game provides you with different playing modes, they are diverse, but you cannot choose one – there is a schedule that is applied automatically. Some players prefer to wait until their favorite game type will appear, the others enjoy all the battle types! The choice is yours! In any case, you must do everything to overcome the opposing team, gather more stars than they do, or conquer their territories and expand your own. The best thing about the game is the rich gameplay filled with numerous options and features!

The regimes you should try

One of the playing regimes you will surely adore is Rewards. This means that you have to end the game getting more stars than your rivals. Star gathering is called “brawling” here, that is why the game has such a name! The field is filled with shiny stars and your task is to get them right into your pockets. There is a limited number of prizes, so you must be really fast and skillful to do that faster and more efficiently than your enemies. The second part is Battle Royale. Well, this regime doesn’t really need any explanations – you must be already aware of such style. In a word, this is a regime where the last survival becomes a winner. Here every player stands for himself/herself and you need to be really tough to kill all the other opponents! And the third regime of the game is Crystal Gathering. This one encourages your team and the opposing one to fight for the collection of precious stones that are located in the center of the map. The team that reaches and owns this collection wins the game. As you can see, no matter which regime you take part in, the task is to overcome the rivals and win! Each regime is highly-competitive.

The game suitable for any device

The game is perfect for your computer, as well as for a mobile phone or a tablet. Any screen size will handle the arena of Brawl Stars – small, medium, or large! Don’t worry – no restrictions are possible, because the developers took care of all details and aspects! This means that whenever you want to enter the beautiful world of the game, you are welcome to do so! It doesn’t matter if you are at home or anywhere else – the game can be easily launched from any spot, just reassure that you have an Internet connection. The game along with all the updates and additional features are available at this platform – they are free and available online. Get in and enjoy the amazing brawling challenges with your friends – this game is the best when played in a team!

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