Zombie Games

Zombies are creepy and disgusting creatures. They appeared on our planet as a result of the unknown virus that spread all over the land. In a very short time, almost the entire population of the globe mutated and turned into dangerous creatures without any hint of their former humanity. These monsters mindlessly roam the deserted cities in search of one thing – fresh flesh. There are just a few survivors. Some people turned out to be immune to the terrible disease, but they have an equally difficult fate – to fight monsters to the last drop of blood. This is the atmosphere that zombie games will immerse you in!

Zombies are coming!

In these games you will be fighting the living dead, so be extra careful! The ruined streets are literally teeming with them, and even if it seems that there is no one around, another monster can jump out right around the corner. Keep your weapon ready to avoid being left defenseless at a critical moment. You will have several types of guns at your disposal, each of which has unique characteristics. The fight will be very intense, you will not have a second of respite. Waves of zombies will attack incessantly, get ready for a serious confrontation! In addition, in many zombie games, you can build a fortified base where you can wait out the massive attacks of hungry bastards. If there is multiplayer, you can also team up with other players to face the danger together. But don’t rush to trust everyone, because some of the people you are going to meet are lone bandits who just want to take over your resources. In the post-apocalyptic environment, you never know what to expect!

Shoot, hide, survive!

Zombie games will amaze you with their oppressive atmosphere and dynamic action. Some of them will be very simple, with no particular story involved, one-track action and pixel art. Others will recreate the setting of a dying civilization with terrifying realism. Imagine that you make your way through the silent ruins, hearing the echo of your own steps, a chill runs down your back – and suddenly a terrible monster appears from nowhere, making uterine sounds and pulling its rotten hands towards you! Such surprises spice things up and make your heart beat faster, pumping adrenaline through your blood flow. After all, this is precisely why lovers of intense emotions come here. Discover the scary and incredible world of zombie games and enjoy amazing events in the midst of which you will plunge!

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