Who said that girls are not natural-born gamers? We know that young ladies really like playing video games, whether they are about princesses or even monsters! In this section, you will find a wide collection of bright, shiny, and very cute titles that will surely make your day. Tender and sweet, they feature amazing characters, cool artwork, and various genres, so you can choose anything that fits your taste and have fun as long as you want. All the games are free, unlimited, and the collection grows day after day, so don’t miss your chance – get into this amazing world of fairies and ponies!

Sparkling worlds of beauty and glamour

Most games for girls are based on the activities preferred by the young ladies and what is more – most of them are applicable for your real life! For instance, the dressing games will help you get a sense of style in clothes. It is a rare thing when you have a wardrobe filled with cool clothes, like princesses from these games do. Become their friend and fashion designer at the same time – choose cool combinations, dresses, shoes, accessories, and more. When you are done with the clothing ritual, the time comes for another one beauty session – doing a makeup! Here you will find an incredible amount of games devoted to visage – eyes, lips, brows, and more! However, ladies are not focused on clothes and eyeshadows, they are also fond of… cooking! Make pizzas, bakery, Japanese dishes, various Italian treats, and other incredible food! The cooking games will present you with numerous fresh ingredients, so you can use them to prepare real masterpieces. Also, you will find character creation games, where you are welcome to design your own anime-hero, pony, or any cute creature. Save your art and show to your friends! Room and house design are also present here – create the dwelling of your dream and decorate it the way you want!

Create your own story

Everything is possible in the world of online games! Play with fairies, princesses, cute monsters, ponies, unicorns, and other amazing characters – they will become your best friends and entertain you for hours! Enjoy such a cool company! Girls parties, dress-ups, cute pets, and everything else is waiting for you in this shiny, pink, and amusing universe for ladies. Make everything beautiful – whether your dolls or the entire world! Start with a cool make-up and nice look. When looking good, you can conquer the entire universe without effort! Enjoy the games and have fun!

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