Sandboxes have been around ever since Minecraft. Everybody knows that this is a genre for those who enjoy freedom and creativity without any plot restrictions. And ever since sandboxes have first entered the scene, there have been plenty of them to choose from. But the creators of Roblox have gone further than all the representatives of the gaming industry, turning the platform for games into a giant social network where you can play, communicate, share experiences, boast your creative work and even earn money! Are you ready to discover its perks? That let’s start playing Roblox together!

Build, explore and have fun!

It all starts with creating an account and choosing your avatar. Even here, you can appreciate a variety of customization options – the game allows you to make your character unique and immediately recognizable with a great number of hairstyles, outfits and the ability to change gender, skin and eye color, and all the other parameters that can make you stand out. Once you’re done, you will get your very won virtual lot where your are free to build anything to your liking. 

How is it done? Simple – you just have to collect a sufficient number of colorful blocks. They can be of different types and are used to craft just about anything. Everything in Roblox is made from them, so don’t be surprised to see yourself surrounded by square-headed players that walk to and fro about their own business. If you don’t feel like building today, you can simply join one of the games on the platform and have a great time enjoying your leisure!

Meet other people and play together!

Roblox boasts a huge variety of games and entertainments to all tastes. Here you can find unique projects and ports of famous games that you might have already played elsewhere. But note that the setting will be made of cubes, as well as all the characters! By the way, the platform is known for its extensive interactive opportunities. There are thousands of players here, and you can make friends online or invite people you know to join Roblox. Together you can team up in multiplayer trials, compete against each other and even create a family! There are always a great number of things to do here – the vibrant world of Roblox is full of adventures, quests and contests that won’t let you get bored. Discover this colorful cubic universe for yourself and become a happy member of the Roblox community!

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