Some horror games never seem to wear out despite being a good dozens of chapters long. And you are looking at one of them! Five Nights at Freddy’s will take you to a fascinating, but very scary world of animatronics. Who are they? Mechanical toys with evil hearts. The task of the gamer here is clear once you see these ghastly creatures – to survive. Horrible monsters begin their hunt every night, and the main character must hide and protect himself so that none of his enemies can get to him until morning. It’s complicated. Creepy. And very thrilling! Are you ready to put yourself to this test? Then let’s begin!

Not as fluffy as they look… 

The action of FNAF unfolds on different locations, but most often the game sends the user to the building of an ordinary pizzeria. During the day, it is decorated with adorable toys. Outwardly, they are very cute: they are loved by adults and children who come to the pizza house for lunch or dinner. Only animatronics don’t like anyone. And best of all this truth is known to the security guard of the institution. It is for him that the hunt begins after the closing of the hangout, and it is he who must hold out until the first rays of the sun. 

The leader among the animatronics is Freddy the bear. On the outside he is kind, but in reality he is a terrible monster. He has four main assistants: Chick the chicken, Bonnie the hare, Foxy the fox, Bibi the boy. These characters are also pretty cute during daylight hours. Oh, how willingly children play with them, how their parents are moved! But animatronics are not that simple. Cheerful by day and scary at night, they just patiently wait for new victims. And it might be you!

Beware of Freddie!

The goal of the player is to make sure none of the wicked dolls, and most of all Freddy, comes close to him. So far, he is protected by the glass of his security booth, but it won’t hold the toys back for long when they get here. So you have to keep them as far away as possible. Luckily, you are sitting in front of a control panel from where you can open and close all the doors in the building as well as switch the lights on and off. This way, you can prevent the animatronics from approaching – at least, as long as you have electricity. Once the power supply runs out, nothing will prevent them from walking through the building free. And then you will have to come up with other means of keeping yourself safe. Play FNAF on our site and see if you can get out of the pizza house alive!

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